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2017 Calendar of Events 

Upcoming Events

Register at
Town Square Market

106 E. Jackson St., Carbondale, IL


Third Annual

Women's Health Naturally!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


19-21   Carbondale Eclipse Family Fun Zone at Town Square, Carbondale, IL


16   Southern Illinois Women's Health Conference 

        at John A. Logan College

17   Farm Crawl at Dayempur Farm, Anna, IL


 6-8   Natural Beekeeping Workshop with Michael Bush at Dayemi Community Center, Carbondale, IL and Dayempur Farm, Anna, IL

25   Women's Healthy Breast Workshop at Dayemi Community Center, Carbondale, IL 


11   Third Annual Women'a Health Naturally! Expo and Workshops at Dayemi Community Center, Carbondale, IL

Upcoming Events

Women's Health Naturally! Expo and Workshops, hosted by Dayempur Herbals, is an annual event that brings natural healthcare practitioners and providers together in a loving environment where they can meet with, and help educate the general public on how to naturally care for themselves and

their families.

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