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Health Benefits of Breast Massage

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  • Relieves congestion in breast tissue, i.e., swelling, clogged ducts, infection

  • Moves lymph fluid and prevents stagnation, allowing killer T cells to do their work.

  • Honors and reconnects a woman’s body, restoring wholeness.

  • Reduces breast pain and alleviates breast symptoms of PMS and fibrocystic breasts.

  • Enhances milk flow and production during breast feeding while easing discomforts associated with breastfeeding.

  • Releases oxytocin, the love hormone, counteracting stress and free radical damage throughout the body.

  • Feels great!

Develop a daily health habit of breast massage. In the shower, before the bra goes on, after the bra comes off, before bed, upon waking. Whenever you can squeeze or jiggle or bounce your boobs, do it! Over time you'll remember to do it more and more.

Please NoteVarious health practitioners prescribe a "right way" to massage breasts. But unless you have had recent breast surgery, or active breast cancer, or another serious medical condition for which massaging the breast is not recommended, please, just have at it!

“Touch is the best way to know your breasts and not be fearful of what you may find. Why women are still reluctant to touch their breasts despite the increased focus on breast cancer awareness is a mystery to us. The time has come for women to take responsibility for their wellness, especially their breasts. If you wait for that once a year exam or mammogram, it may be too late. If everyone…will touch their Girls to maintain good breast health, breast problems may be prevented. Women will no longer approach their breasts with the negative and fearful thoughts of finding cancer…”

Cheryl Chapman, RN, Pioneer in Breast Massage
Author “The Happy Breast Book

Najma-Lynn Waters (left), developer of our Groovy Booby oils with her mentor, Cheryl Chapman (right).

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