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Become a Wholesale Partner

Wholesale Ordering Information


All retailers must have valid Federal Tax ID to become a wholesale partner. All retailers must provide Sales Tax Resale document to prove you are purchasing product for resale. All products must be offered for sale to the general public.

Ordering Policies

Minimum opening order is $200.
FREE shipping on all orders over $200. 

Shipping fee will be charged on orders less than $200.
Sales tax will be charged until receipt of Sales Tax Resale Certificate.

Pricing and Ordering

Refer to Dayempur Herbals Wholesale Price List for updated

pricing and suggested retail pricing. You may place an order by filling out the excel spreadsheet or calling in your order. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Organically Grown and Locally Made
Point of Sale Materials
Additional Features
Additional Features

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Information about products, seasonal health issues and herbal remedies.


In-Store Tastings/Training

Dayempur Herbals representatives will attend your Open Houses, Events and Staff Meetings so that we can offer tastings of our products and information about their uses.


Joint Marketing/Coupons

Dayempur Herbals participates in local Farmers’ Markets, fairs and events. We offer 10% off coupons to drive traffic to your store. Let us know when events or fairs happen in your city or town, and we will partner with you.


Watch for “Free Shipping” months and product promotions. We are local, therefore, we leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Point-of-Sale Materials

Product Labels

Product labels are colorful, easy to read and informative; each label lists product ingredients and uses for the herbal remedy.



Complimentary and delivered to your store - one for the shelf and one for your staff.


Herbal Remedies Guide

Complimentary chart of herbs and their healing benefit.


Complimentary set of product identification

shelf-tags; each tag has the product name, bar code, and healing benefit.

Personalized Herbal Salve Tins

Print your logo on the label, and this healing salve becomes a promotional product for your store.


Brand Signage

Complimentary 5” x 18” pdf sign of Dayempur Herbals logo and brand identity.



10 complimentary color brochures with each purchase of $100.

Today, people are looking for natural healthcare products to help them maintain good health as well as heal from illness. Partnering your business with Dayempur Herbals can expand your customer base for natural healthcare, build customer loyalty, and educate your staff and customers with in-store tastings, staff in-services and point-of-sale materials. In addition, Dayempur Herbals can attend Farmers Markets and Fairs in your region, which can help send local consumers to your store.

Dayempur Herbals products are carefully hand-crafted with organic herbs that are grown at Dayempur Farm and purchased from reputable organic sources. 


We are now selling our products online, which will help build brand awareness and increase consumer demand. Dayempur Herbals is committed to local commerce, and our first choice is to send consumers to your store.

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Ordering Information
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