Aches & Pain Remedies

Aches & Pain Remedies

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Give the gift of health to your loved ones! Herbal Gift Bag comes with Elderberry Syrup (1oz), Herbal Salve tin, and Inflammation & Pain Relief oil (1oz).


Elderberry Syrup is known to help clear up upper respiratory congestion and boost your immune system.


Herbal Salve is a skin restorative for dry and irritated skin - can help heal burns, cuts, scrapes and bruises, and also used as skin moisturizer and lip balm.


Inflammation & Pain Relief is for sore muscles, inflammed joints, mild headaches, and insect bites to name a few. IPR is an oil infused with yarrow, plantain and calendula, known to help reduce swelling, stimulate circulation and restore skin. This amazing topical oils also contains the soothing touch of lavender and wintergreen essential oils.