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February 25, 2023 at the Carbondale Civic Center

8:45am       Registration Opens

9:00am       Expo Floor Opens

9:15am       Welcome

9:30am       Dr. Bonnie Juul

10:30am     Dr. Terry Harmon

11:30pm     Jennifer Sykes

12:00am - 1:00pm Lunch

 catered by Town Square Market

1:00pm       Anita Brown

2:00pm       Susan Kamil

3:15pm       Tai Chi Gung Demo

3:30pm       Nia Dance Movement

4:00pm       Expo Floor Closes

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WHN! Speakers and Workshops

Dr. Terry Harmon – Functional Medicine and Chiropractor, Founder Chi Rho Health

Understanding Gut Health as it relates to and impacts hormones, energy, and brain health

Dr. Harmon will speak about Gut health as it relates to its impact hormones, energy, and brain health. This talk will focus on increasing one's understanding of how to optimize gut health, current trends and challenges, and the importance of gut health and function in optimizing hormones, body composition, energy, and brain health.  

Susan Kamil – Licensed Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist

Spirit Points: Stress Reduction and Well-being with Acupuncture


There are specific points on the body that help us to transform and change spiritually, some thing that is very much needed in the world right now. For example, on the arm we have two heart points that are called “inner frontier gate” and “outer frontier gate”. One is to help us to connect with others and the other helps us connect with our self. In Chinese medicine, both are considered to be important and the balance of the two is pivotal in our growth.

Dr. Bonnie Juul - Expert in Wellness, Health Restoration, and Healing

Intuition, Faith and Freedom: The only at-home tool you need to avoid medical intervention 


Dr. Bonnie is an expert in wellness, health restoration, and healing. She helps busy, strong, professional women who are getting serious about health master natural, healthy living in a way that reflects biblical principles. She will describe Muscle Testing in a very heart centered way, and how it can be used to actively reconnect with one's innate wisdom - that part of us that allows for healing. 

Anita Brown – Medical Thermography, Naturopath & Functional Medicine

Healing Anxiety and Depression: Food Really Does Matter


We are experiencing an epidemic of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues today – not only adults but preteens and teens are suffering in record numbers. The conventional view is to look to the brain for the cause, however, functional medicine knows that disease begins in the gut and that there is a direct link between

gut health and mental health. In this talk, we will explore how  food directly impacts not only the health of our gut but also our state of mind. We will learn about the types of foods that support and nourish both our bellies and our brains. We will also explore other factors such as stress and toxins that play a role in our health and well-being.

Jennifer Sykes – Pre-K Family Support Specialist, Certified Infant Mental Health Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Instructor through Loving Touch

Strengthening Families by Keeping 5 Protective Factors


Jennifer has worked in the field of Early Childhood since 1998, in various capacities; Pre-K teacher, Pre-K Parent Educator, Birth-3 Parent Educator and now Family Support Specialist. Jennifer's presentation will focus on how families can be strengthened by keeping  5 Protective Factors in mind as they navigate through life with young children.  

She will give you a basic description of each of the protective factors and how to implement and move forward.

Debbie Barstow - Spirit-Led / Creative / Virgo / Not a “typical” Accountant / Wife / Mom / Daughter / 1st Degree Black Belt Nia Teacher.

Nia Dance Movement


I am thrilled to share the Joy of Movement and the profound positive impact that movement has on living a full, true to yourself, life. As I've deepened my Nia practice, I've learned to trust my body, to allow her to tell me what's best for me, to let go of others' expectations and be true to myself. I’m passionate about sharing Nia with my students and supporting individuals on their path to becoming the healthiest, strongest, most authentic and alive versions of themselves. I'm grateful and blessed to be sharing Nia and welcome you to join the fun!

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