Feb. 14 - 16, 2020
          Midwest Herb & Garden Show

             in Mt. Vernon, IL

Feb. 23, 2020
          Open House at Studio Gaia Edwardsville

             in Edwardsville, IL

Feb. 29, 2020
          Women's Health Naturally! Expo & Workshops

             at Carbondale Civic Center in Carbondale, IL

Women's Health Naturally! Expo and Workshops, hosted by Dayempur Herbals, is an annual event that brings natural healthcare practitioners and providers together in a loving environment where they can meet with, and help educate the general public on how to naturally care for themselves and

their families.

Meet us at the Market!
Carbondale Winter Market

Saturday's 9am - 12pm

December through March
Carbondale Community High School

Carbondale Farmer's Market

Saturday's 8am - 12pm

April through November
Westown Mall Parking Lot

Cape Girardeau Farmer's Market

Thursday's 12-5pm

April through November
West Park Mall Parking Lot

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