Aimee Wigfall Photography

Amanda Holm Energy Healing

Amazing Natural Beauty - Alysa Bunting

Arts of Health - Amy Kinzie

Athletico Physical Therapy - Jessica Kelley

Barefoot Freedom Yoga - Kay Metzelaars

Beautycounter - Amanda Lowery

Boys & Girls Club - Tina Carpenter

Carbondale Park District

Carbondale Police Department - Randy Mathis

CBD Wellness Center - Rachel Aissa

Chi Rho Chiropractic - Dr. Terry Harmon

Cinda's Botanical Blends - Cinda Phelps

The Climate Economy - Amy McMorrow Hunter

Dayempur Farm - Mark Fletter

Dayempur Herbals - Terry Hickey

Encouragementology - Kendall Boysen

Emily Taylor Juice Plus+

Fit Mama - Rendi Bierman

Food Works - Jennifer Paulson

For the Health of It - Juice PLUS+ - Carol Bastien

Foster Family Resource Center of Southern Illinois - Christine O'Dell

Health & Wellness Specialists (formerly Heath Health) - Yolanda Heath

HēLi by Pure Romance - Jessica Cadell

Holistic Alchemy Co. - Monika Trzeszezkowski

Home Print Shop - Lynsey Workman

In Sync - Kitrina Hunter

Integrated Health Physical Therapist - Bridget Rose

It Takes a Village - Amanda Rhodes

Labor of Love Midwifery - Debra Lowrance

Live Pure Body Care - Lance Johnson

Lotus and Frog

Midwest Medical Thermography - Anita Brown

Natural Health and Wellness - Dr. Bonnie Juul 

New Day Counseling Services - Brittany Vaughn

One Life Counseling & Mindfulness Studio - Beth Morrison

Peace, Love and Oils - Joyce Fisher

Pregnancy Matters - Cassie Walden

Rachyl Rister, Functional Medicine

Resa Armstrong

Restorative Roots - Jessica Lynn

River to River Farm - Tam Pirmann

Roundtree Jewelry - Nicole Roundtree

Savvy Mineral Makeup - Katrina Cerutti

Shawnee Sierra Club

SI Wellness Expo - Michelle Snyder

SIH - Prairie Cardiovascular - Angela McFadden

SIU Rec Center - Sally Wright

SPARC - Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition - Larry Busch

Specialized Equine Services - Patricia Nardini

Sunflower Girl Skin Care - Elvira Muckelroy

Susan Kamil Acupuncturist and Herbalist

The Voyage Senior Living - Amanda Garver

Town Square Market

Wakya Perfection (Cherish) - Lisa Marie

Well Spring Health Services - Kim Veras

Young Living Essential Oils - Shoshana Church

Zija International - Trent Johnston

WHN! Past Speakers and Workshops

Kendall Boysen – Encouragementology

You've Got the Power 

Kendall will use the practice of instilling hope as the platform for sharing the power of human connections. She will paint humorous yet serious pictures of the dangers of relying on digital communication and the modern conveniences limiting human interaction.

Anita Brown – Midwest Medical Thermography

Healing Autoimmune Disease:

Prevention, Detection, Recovery 


In this talk, Anita will address what autoimmune disease is, how it can start much earlier than we think, how to detect early signs and how to heal ourselves back to optimal health. Autoimmune issues can be debilitating, but they can also be overcome. This presentation will offer suggestions for diet, lifestyle and personal choices that can help alleviate symptoms and reverse disease.

Dr. Terry Harmon - Chi Rho Chiropractic

The Autonomic Nervous System 


Dr. Harmon will talk about the Autonomic Nervous System, the harmful effects of Sympathetic Dominance, and how to test and optimize your Autonomic Nervous System to facilitate hormone, mitochondrial (aka energy), and brain health/function.

Amy McMorrow Hunter – The Climate Economy

Three Steps to a Low Carbon Lifestyle


People are what’s going to save humanity in this climate emergency. Human ingenuity and behavior change are our only hope. Amy will share the Climate Economy Education Inc's 3-Step Program for a Low-Carbon Lifestyle. This is your checklist for thriving authentically in a world with a changing climate.

Debra Lowrance – Labor of Love Midwifery and Women’s Health Services

Birth 2020 and Beyond 


Looking at the current state of maternity care in the US and Illinois, Debra will define midwifery and the role it plays in women’s health, help us understand Evidence Based Care and the barriers to receiving it, and highlight emerging issues in obstetrical care that include racism  and obstetrical violence.

Joyce Fischer – Peace, Love and Oils

I Am Empowered 


Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” We have the ability to empower ourselves with positive affirmations. By combining positive thoughts with essential oils, it can help you believe in yourself and program your mind to think in ways that make you feel empowered.

Amy Kinzie – Arts of Health

Understanding CBD
& the Endocannabinoid System


Amy will explain the chemistry of CBD and how the body responds to CBD oil, as well as how the body makes its own cannabinoids. She will also share about what health conditions benefit from CBDs, and other herbs and foods that affect the endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Bonnie Juul – Natural Health & Wellness

How Stress Affects DNA


Dr. Bonnie will present the scientific effects stress has on telomere growth and organ health, how habitual thinking 'grooves in' neurological pathways that reinforce stress/ill-health/dis-ease, and how to reverse the thought habit and actively choose new neurological thought patterns to improve health.

Yolanda Heath  - Health and Wellness Specialists

Emotions Affect Your Physical Body


Yolanda will present an integrated, wholistic approach on how emotions affect physical health. She will present ways to bring about healing through massage, aromatherapy, nutrition and natural supplements. 

Abigail Fields – Lewis Elementary School Student/ Boys and Girls Club

Childhood Grief


Abigail will present on the experience of childhood grief, from the perspective of the child. Her presentation strives to help adults understand how children feel and what they are going through, and for children to learn about coping skills.